Friday, June 11, 2010

I am a HORRIBLE blogger!!!

So as most of you probably already now, I am horrible at keeping up my blog. Life just gets so crazy & it's hard to keep up on these kind of things. So I'm pulling a classic Tana and I've updated the last 5 months of blogging in one day, so once again, there's an overload of posts on my blog today!!! I would say that I'm going to be better, but I think I've already used that statement when it comes to blogging the maximum number of times allowed!! Oh well, ENJOY!

Horsin' Around

A lot of our time this spring has been spent Horsin' around, except for now it's the kids hitting the rodeos & not Jake, but I think Jake has more fun watching the kids anyways! We took both of the kids to the Little Buckaroo Rodeo series in Tooele this spring. They have a lot of fun events for all different ages of kids & we've had a lot of fun. We've also tried to take them to as many kids shows as possible. Hallie has been riding so good this year & I'm so proud of her. Her confidence has really boomed & she is loving it. When I ask her what she wants to do on my days off for fun, instead of saying "go to the park, or swimming" she now says "go ride Marshmallow at the arena". Last night we took Hallie to the kids district show in South Jordan (Hazen is still too little to ride in this show). She did such a good job, she won 2 first place trophies & 7 ribbons. Her horse Marshmallow is coming along so nice & we love, love, love her!! I have to give Jake a TON of credit. He broke Marshmallow & has done all of the training on her, he's an amazing horseman!! I love you babe & appreciate all your sacrifices for our family!!
Peyton, Bridger, Wyatt & Hallie @ the District Kids Show
Hallie & Marshmallow
Hallie & Peyton
Tate, Bridger, Wyatt, Peyton, Hazen & Hallie showing off thier prizes!
Hallie was sooo excited!!
More happy faces!!
Jake helping Hallie get her rope ready. I love this picture, it's priceless!

This picture & most of the rest to follow were from the Kids Show that our riding club put on in May. Jake & I were helping with running this show & timing the events, so I didn't take a single picture @ their show, so all of these pictures were taken by either Codi, or my good friend Brandy. Thank goodness for them or I wouldn't have any pictures of this fun show. Brandy takes professional pictures @ a lot of the rodeo events & she does such a great job!! You can see more of her work @
Hallie in the dummy roping
Hallie tied for 2nd & 3rd in the dummy roping. She looks pretty happy here, but was actually pretty upset that her 3 year old brother beat her!

AHHH, he is sooo dang cute!!
Love the facial expressions on this one!

Hazen won the age 7 & under dummy roping, he was the only kid to catch both times. He won his FIRST BUCKLE, and as you can see, he couldn't have been prouder or happier. Jake was a proud daddy as well & neither of them could stop smiling. Hazen wears his buckle everywhere & is showing it off constantly. He's definitely a little cowboy!

Hazen on the flag race

Hallie did the flag race for the first time by herself & she did such a great job. I couldn't believe she made the stretch on her tall "Smarshmellow", way to go Hallie!! Stickin the flag in the bucket
Hazen making his way home from the 3rd barrell
Hazen & Skeeter
I picked this picture to post because of the look on Hazen's face, I love that you can see him laughing, he's having so much fun, he loves the bouncy trot!!
Hallie & Marshmallow in the barrels
Hallie & Jake warming up their horses together. This is one of my favorite pictures ever. It will be one that we love & hang on to for years. Thanks soooo much Brandy, you're amazing!!
Codi took this picture, I would never think to take a picture like this & it's soo dang cute. These are Hazen's cute little feet, he loves his spurs. He's been wearing them to every rodeo he goes to for the last 2 years. It started out he just wanted to match daddy, he used to take 1 off when Jake would steer wrestle so that they were matching. Now he's needing them for his own "real deal" so we've adapted to a 2 spur system!

Cutest buddies ever!! Kyler & Hazen
Handsome Little Hazen!!
Hallie showing off her poses @ the Little Buckaroo Rodeo in Tooele this spring.

Memorial Weekend 2010

Over the Memorial holiday weekend we went camping to Red Creek with a bunch of the family & friends. We did a little fishing, played horse shoes, rode 4-wheelers, shot skeet, and had a lot of R & R, and as usual, we had a blast. The kids had so much fun & were in the dirt constantly.